This video was caught in the deep ocean near and oil platform. It is a video of a mermaid spearing a fish.  Apparently it was filmed by an ROV submersible, and it was featured on Animal Planets The New Evidence. I find this video to be pretty clear, and definitely supports the strong possibility of the existence of real mermaids. In the video you will see a fish swim through, and then a spear shoot into the screen piercing the fish. A few seconds pass, and you see what appears to be a humanoid shaped creature swim thru and retrieve the fish. It happens very quick. Rewind it. Play it back! MEDITATE ON IT!  I’m sure it could have been faked, but find it hard to believe that someone would go thru such great lengths to do so. Tell us what you guys think. Fact or fiction? Is this mermaid video real? Our oceans are still over 90% unexplored! Please take a minute to leave any question or comments! This is my first blog, so please subscribe, and make me feel like a success! :)

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  1. lisa says:

    i have a picture of something i would like for you to see! taken near a island in sebastian fl. looking to contact the guy who filmed the video on animal planet.

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