PT Barnum 1865 Mermaid.. The evidence is piling up!

This video was a part of Animal Planets . Mermaids. The New Evidence. PT Barnum owned this mermaid before a fire destroyed the exhibit. The PT Barnum 1865 mermaid evidence is insane! The mermaid looks identical to what is being seen today… Now that’s some pretty good evidence! On another note.. I find that practicing meditation opens up your mind, and we tend to see more clearly on these type of subjects.

PT Barnum 1865

PT Barnum 1865

Picture of the PT Barnum mermaid

Picture of the PT Barnum mermaid


















  1. Fernyguti says:

    Post a picture of the real barnum mermaid in 1865

  2. Chrissie says:

    We need to put a stop to the Navys Sonar testing we are killing our own don’t they see that! Please let it be known we need to speak up for our long lost kind for they cannot speak for themselves or they will be just that!!! Long lost! I am making a stand and letting all I see be known of the cover up by our so called government/Navy please help me in getting the word out I know u can. Thanks, Chrissie

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